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Food Safety

MRA develops Food Safety systems that identify, monitor and control the risks of contamination in foodservice operations.

We ensure our Food Safety Systems integrate seamlessly with our customers' operations without imposing unnecessary changes or additional burdens.

Work Procedure Manuals and monitoring tools are designed in easy to follow formats that can be readily incorporated into existing management systems.

MRA Food Safety Services include:

• development of HACCP systems

• implementation of HACCP systems

• hygiene and quality management systems

• third party audits (e.g. suppliers)

• full laboratory support service

• regular compliance audits

What is HACCP?

HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points.

HACCP is a systematic way of monitoring:

• the food you handle

• the preparation steps it goes through

• potential hazards that may harm your customers

HACCP ensures the necessary controls are consistently in place, and not just when the Food Inspector is present.

Why is it necessary?

There is a legal requirement to implement a Hazard Analysis based system in all food handling premises. It is also the best way to ensure that the food you produce is consistently safe.

QuickCheck: Hassle-Free HACCP System

QuickCheck HACCP SystemThe QuickCheck system is simple to use. It's use guarantees quality and safety standards and provides accurate and indisputable records that will satisfy Environmental Health Officers.

Learn more about QuickCheck.

"The successful implementation of MRA's Food Safety Management Systems guarantees your finished product is safe instead of trying to correct the problem when it's too late."