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Products and Laboratory Services

For many organisations locating suppliers of equipment and support services is an unnecessary burden on valuable management time.

MRA offers clients a comprehensive range of quality products and laboratory services at competitive prices. If you cannot find what you need we will find it for you.

"MRA clients enjoy direct access to a full range of laboratory services and products, freeing management to focus on what they do best."

HACCP Reporting

QuickCheck is the economic solution for HACCP compliance and documentation.

Temperature Monitoring Equipment

• Small hand held thermometers with integral probe

• Hand-held thermometers with folding probes

• Thermometers with interchangeable probes

• Data-logging equipment

Specialist Labels

• Monitoring of disinfection during dish-wash cycles.

• Reversible labels "Hot Do Not Touch" available in various sizes.

• Reversible thermometers available in various sizes and ranges.

• Monitoring of chlorine concentrations.

Labels are available for a wide variety of industrial applications. Please contact us for further information.

Laboratory Services

Accredited Laboratory Analysis in conjunction with our business partners Eurofins Scientific.

• Food Microbiology (indicator organisms, pathogens, spoilage organisms)

• Nutritional Testing

• Food and Water Chemistry

• Food Authenticity Testing and detection of GMO's

• Food Contaminants (pesticides, trace elements, veterinary drugs)

The above list is a sampling of the wide range of tests available. Contact us for details of additional testing services.


A full range of customised signs available in all sizes and materials

• Health and safety

• Food safety / hygiene

• Fire safety

• Security